• i have brushed dirt off my knees after being on the ground
  • i have gone outside in the rain
  • i have laughed uncontrollably with someone i care about
  • i have curled up underneath warm blankets in the winter
  • i have felt the sun on my skin
  • i have heard the crunch of leaves underfoot in autumn
  • i have been in awe of the vastness of the night sky
  • i have fallen down and gotten back up
  • i have chosen to live
  • —cr. lookatyounow

about me!

you can call me saoirse/saor!! they/fae/meow pls :3

i do commissionsss which you can find quick links to in the navbar :rosuuHAPPY:

- interests -

i like to play genshin and honkai!! feel free to send friend req :rosuuWave:
genshin (na server): 608752337
genshin (eu server): 765466234
genshin (asia server): 826215612
honkai (na server): 104503921
honkai (eu server): 207779636
honkai star rail (na server): 600376462

chronically online & stream on twitch whenever :3