hello! i'm a freelance illustrator based in america~ while my work experience may not be the greatest, and my formal education does not include college or university, i love art and wish to make it a job i can do consistently! web design is... not my strong suit, but i'm very experienced in character design, personal and commissioned illustrations, and hopefully coming soon, reference sheets and ready-to-rig live2d models!

Aoibhneass Doyle

OC Coloured Sketch

Concept sketch of a lesbian OC. Her name is Aoibhneas Doyle.

Simple OC Blinking GIF

Simple OC Blinking GIF

Designed a new OC and drew her with a simple blink animation~


Maia Persona

I drew one of my personas! Its name is Maia <3

Pardofelis Hololive Idol Outfit

Pardofelis Hololive Idol Outfit

Pardofelis from Honkai Impact 3rd in the idol outfit designed for the first generation members of the Hololive English vTuber group.

Pardofelis in Kitty Thigh Highs

Pardofelis in Kitty Thigh Highs

Pardofelis from Honkai Impact 3rd in a cute outfit with kitty thigh highs.



I drew Sirin from Honkai Impact 3rd in a more modern outfit!

Felis Sketch

Pardofelis Sketch&Experimentation

I experimented with a different style of colouring and shading.

Felis Spectral Claws Outfit

Felis: Spectral Claws

In the game Honkai Impact 3rd, Pardofelis has an alternate outfit named Spectral Claws. I drew her in this outfit as a sketch.



I drew Pardohua with the intent of making them matching profile pictures!

Ganyu and Yoimiya

Ganyu and Yoimiya

I drew Ganyu and Naganohara Yoimiya sitting together as they are some of my favourite characters from Genshin Impact and to practise drawing more complex outfits.

Keqing Halloween 'Fit

Keqing Halloween Outfit

I designed an outfit for Keqing from Genshin Impact to celebrate Halloween!

Felis as Hatsune Miku

Felis as Hatsune Miku

I drew Pardofelis from Honkai Impact 3rd in the outfit of the popular vocaloid Hatsune Miku.

Idol Herrscher of Sentience

Idol Senti

I drew the Herrscher of Sentience from Honkai Impact 3rd in an idol outfit posted by Rian Beatergod on Twitter.

Raiden Ei Chibi

Raiden Ei Chibi

I drew Raiden Ei from Genshin Impact!



A study on clothing folds while I drew Lumine from Genshin Impact.

Mera Mizu Chibi Commission

Mera Mizu Commission

I got commissioned by the small vTuber Mera Mizu! The request was to draw a cute chibi of her OC in Fade's, a character from Valorant, outfit.

Mera Mizu Fanart Competition

Mera Mizu's Fanart Competition

I entered Mera Mizu's fanart competition which celebrated the release of her new vTuber Live2D model. =

Pardofelis Selfie Perspective

Pardofelis (again)

I drew my favourite character taking a selfie from Honkai Impact 3rd!

Pardofelis Selfie Perspective Alt Outfit

Felis Selfie (alt. outfit)

Felis taking a selfie but in alternate outfit.

pardofelis again

Pardofelis (AGAIN)

clearly i have a favourite character wow look who it is again

Fungolium Creature Reference Sheet

Fungolium Reference Sheet

A reference sheet for an original species design.

Venti Profile Picture

Venti Profile Picture

I drew Venti from Genshin Impact as a profile picture.

Cheza Okami Vtuber Model

vTuber Model

I drew and rigged an alternate version of Cheza Okami's vTuber model. Live2D showcase can be found here.

Potato Cat

Potato Cat

An alternate design of my friend's species, the Potato Cat.

Guizard_Zero and Mera Mizu ; Commission

Guizard_Zero and Mera Mizu Commission

I was commissioned by the lovely Guizard_Zero to draw a picture of his vTuber avatar along with Mera Mizu's avatar for his birthday!

Gawr Gura x Ninomae Ina'nis Chibis

Gawr Gura x Ninomae Ina'nis

I drew Gura and Ina from HoloMyth as chibis!



Spreading my sentifelis agenda :3