terms & conditions!

by commissioning artwork from me (saor) you agree to the following:

regarding general terms:

- ill behaviour will not be tolerated and will subject your commission to cancellation if it occurs

- i reserve the right to deny any order for any reason

regarding rights:

- commissioned works can and will be posted on social media at my discretion (twitter, tumblr, instagram, discord)

- your commissioned art may be used as a profile picture, social media banner, reposting on other social media or sites, etc., provided i am properly credited as the artist

- the commissioned art may not, under any circumstances, be used for commercial purposes (reproduction, re-selling, ect.) as the commissioner, you will receive personal use rights ONLY**

- your commissioned artwork may not be used in ai-generation, as nft, or to train ais in any shape or form

- the client may not distribute, modify, or otherwise claim the commissioned artwork as their own.

- even if the client pays commercial fee, commissioned artwork may not be used to create physical merchandise unless discussed with me prior to starting the commission. failure to do so may result in a cancellation without warning.

- any drafts and sketches shown to the client throughout the commission process belong to the artist (myself) only. the client will only gain usage rights after the work is finished and the commission has been paid in full.

**commercial usage of commissions are available for 3x the original price. unless otherwise discussed, commissions are for personal use only

regarding details:

- please give me at least two visual references of the character(s) you wish to commission. they don’t have to be original or commissioned art, they can be references of a particular style of hair or clothing. however, i do need enough to actually draw the character (i.e., i cannot work with just hair and clothing. i need to know what the face looks like, what their basic personality is like, etc.)

- written details are also accepted, however visual references are required

regarding payment:

- i only take paypal

- a quarter of the estimated total price is required before starting your commission

- this pre-payment will go towards payment for the total price (e.g., if the estimated total is 160, and you pay 40, but the actual total turns out to be 180, you will only pay 140, since you already paid 40)

- refunds are only permitted during the sketch stage. the client will be refunded {pre-payment} minus {$16 x the amount of hours spent on the sketch}.

- all clients are charged an additional platform fee for paypal of 3.49% the total price + $0.49 for every payment included in the base price.

regarding your commission:

- work-in-progress pictures will be sent to you after each stage is completed, and in case of any questions. (stages: sketch/es, lineart, flat colour, shading)

- where the finished artwork will be delivered is up to discussion, i am more than happy to accommodate if requested. the client will receive one hi-res image unwatermarked and one hi-res image watermarked.

- major changes may not be requested after the shading stage has begun (minor changes are ok)